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Casa Deli Bistro

Big Al's Bakery & Deli

Thank You Big Al for providing your pastries for the Casa Deli Bistro.

My personal gratitude to you, your staff and future endeavours.

I personally recommend Big Al's as a daily stop or as a tourist for a perfect place to treat yourself to that morning or afternoon getaway from reality!!!

Big Al`s... not just a bakery... they are part of the community.    

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The James Chicalo Experience

If you need an MC or DJ, look no further than James Chicalo.

James will bring his expertise to your: House Party, Corporate Team Builder, Christmas Party, Wedding or Gala Fundraiser.

James will design the perfect party atmosphere for you and your guests. James plays his fun interactive game show Name That Tune at the Copper Mug Pub on Friday night.

James has that unique quality to make any event a success as his music selection is top notch which matches his hosting skills being able to engage the audience and go with the flow of the energy in the room.  Two Thumbs up James from all of us at Casa Deli Bistro.

The Copper Mug....

Not much I can really say other then this place, staff, management & local individuals are fantastic and I am blessed to know each personally and extend a handshake to 'Brad' the bartender extraordinaire (and of course all other staff members!!!) . 

This place is a perfect outing anytime of the day or night when one needs, wants, or requires a get away from the reality, life or just to hang out.  The Copper Mug consistently has entertainment and daily specials that provide a duel experience and atmosphere and promotes an individual experience I am sure you will enjoy.


Amonkstus Yoga Steadiness & Relaxation

Jaro is the founder of Amonkstus Yoga Steadiness & Relaxation. Jaro's dedication and devotion to yoga is expressed through years of study, practice and teaching. Jaro's experience in India has been a wellspring of inspiration to draw from daily and his lovely teachers in Canada have been invaluable to his growth and offerings. He offers classes at Starlit Yoga in Penticton ( www.starlityoga.com ). Jaro teaches all over BC, Alberta and is reaching out world wide to offer workshops and teaching in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Please add Jaro as a friend: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaromir.kynl 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/amonkst_us/ jaro@amonkstusyoga.com

Email him with enquires and enjoy his website:  www.amonkstus.com

Casa Deli Bistro supports local and surrounding area businesses and we hope you will as well. 

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